How to Keep Bread from Molding

How to Keep Bread from Molding

Bread has now been created with various variants that are a favorite of many people. But behind that, the wrong way to store can make moldy bread easy.

Therefore, there are some tips that you must refer to in order to keep the bread from getting moldy. The steps are very easy and simple, like what? See the full summary below.

  • Save Bread in a Cool Place

Bread left at room temperature can easily mold. To prevent this, you can store it in a cool place or keep it in the refrigerator after it is wrapped in plastic.

  • Wrap Bread with Aluminum Foil

Paper bags are not recommended for wrapping bread because its use can make air enter. This will cause the bread to harden. It is better to use aluminum foil to wrap bread so it does not easily mold.

  • Freeze Bread in a Freezer

Bread can be put in an airtight bag that is ziploc plastic and then frozen in the freezer . If you want to eat bread, you can heat the bread with a microwave or re-roast it using the oven.

  • Keep away from damp

Keep bread from moist and runny places. Bread that is exposed to water should not be left because it will trigger the growth of fungi faster. Freshly bought bread can be taken or cut enough to eat, while the rest can be stored.

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