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History of Flour to Bread Dough ~ Flour is a type of powder made from a variety of seeds, other seeds or roots (such as cassava). It is the main ingredient of bread, which is a good food for most cultures. Wheat flour is one of the most important foods in Europe, North America, the Middle East and North Africa, and it is also the main ingredient in making bread and pastries. Corn flour is important in Mesoamerican cuisine since ancient times, and is eternal as a staple in most Latin American dishes.

The word “flour” comes from a variant of the word “flower”. Both come from Old French words, namely fleur or flour, which has a literal sense of “bloom,” and figurative meaning “the best.” The phrase “fleur de Farine” means “the best part of eating,” sprinkling flour is produced rather than rough removal of wheat during grinding.

History of Wheat Flour

Do you know where the flour comes from? Flour is made from processed wheat seeds which go through several stages of the process. Briefly the process includes the stages of cleaning, the mill is then sifted, then given water and then left for a moment. Well, the word flour itself was originally an absorption language from the Portuguese trigo, which means wheat.

In the food industry there are many uses of flour to make various types of food. But most often is to make bread and noodles. In addition, flour is also used to make various kinds of cakes, biscuits and other pastries. Although wheat consumption in our country is quite high, Indonesia is not one of the largest wheat producing countries in the world. Countries known as wheat producing countries are the United States, Australia, Canada, China, and Russia.

Wheat itself has been believed to have been cultivated since 6700 BC by the Babylonians. But another history shows that the processing of wheat began in 2700 BC in China. It’s been a long time that wheat became part of the community. Therefore wheat is one of the food products that cannot be separated from human life. Because of their high demand, wheat flour from wheat can be considered as one of the basic needs of the food industry in the world. And the rise and fall of wheat prices can also affect the stability of the world economy.

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History of the Dough

Cake dough or dough is the result of mixing baking ingredients such as flour with water, sugar, eggs, and fat (butter, margarine, shortening) before being cooked by roasting, steaming or frying.

Recipe composition determines the final result in the form of dough or dough batter:

Solid dough

Flour as the main ingredient is usually mixed with water and other ingredients such as salt, yeast, eggs, fat before kneading by hand or machine so it is smooth (not sticky in the hand) and can be formed, for example: bread dough, donuts, pizza, tortillas, pastry , spaghetti, various types of pastries, and various types of dimsum skin (buns, siomai, spring rolls).

Watery dough
Flour as the main ingredient is usually not mixed with water, but mixed with sugar, eggs, or milk before being mixed (shaken) by hand or machine to form a runny, thick, or creamy liquid, for example: cake dough, sponge, pancake, waffle, pudding, several types of pastries, several types of bread, and various kinds of fried foods.

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