Finnish Bakeries Make Bread From Crickets

Finnish Bakeries Make Bread From Crickets

Finnish Bakeries Make Bread From Crickets

A bakery in Finland has a new breakthrough in its bread raw materials. They use crickets to be used in their products.

Quoting the Social News Daily on Wednesday (1/23/2019), this bakery makes their bread from crushed crickets. Even though many people feel disgusted with this, they say that the product is delicious.

The latest bread sold by Fazer Bakery contains around seventy dry crickets . Everything is ground into flour.

“Crickets are in the form of flour and they are milled whole to be made into dough and then baked to become a very tasty product,” said Fazer Bakery CEO Markus Hellstorm in a statement.

In addition, they also import this unique material from the Netherlands. Of course, along with a complete recipe that offers more protein than others.

“It offers consumers a good source of protein and also gives them an easy way to get used to insect based foods,” said head of innovation at Fazer, Juhani Sibakov, as quoted by the Guardian .

Hellstorm added, in the bakery, they make and test various types of new things.

“We want to be at the forefront of the food revolution. We want to encourage growth in the category of handmade bread with artisan bread, as well as in the future,” Hellstorm said.

“Fazer cricket bread is the first in the world, this is a good example of that.”

At the end of 2017, Finland joined the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Denmark, which allowed the use of insects to be bred and sold as food.

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